Friday, November 27, 2015
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About Us

Expert Video Marketer - Cory Sanchez talks about Mojo Video MarketingCory Michael Sanchez

Cory is the producer of the Video Marketing Expert Series, a weekly video program that discusses effective video marketing tactics with his guest-host Ira Rosen, and has been featured on iTunes. Cory Michael Sanchez is the Co-Founder of Mojo Video Marketing, and is the pioneer and technical visionary behind Mojo Video Marketing.  He is passionate about educating entrepreneurs on how to create massive success in their business using video Mojo created the Mojo Matrix, the game changing automated mobile video email program. This software has excelled in helping entrepreneurs to create an audience of raving fans and eager buyers. Using this software, businesses can send video email and SMS campaigns.

Their goal is to get 10,000 customers using their video marketing software to create massive success in their businesses. Mojo has personally coached hundreds of customers to create converting video marketing campaigns. They have had clients have flown in from all over the country and even internationally to do video shoots with their company and put Mojo back into their business.


Ira Rosen

Expert Entrepreneur and Video Expert Ira RosenIra Rosen has successfully created, run and sold numerous multi-million dollar companies. At age 30 he was a pioneer in auto leasing and the country’s youngest new car auto dealer with multiple franchises. He has also had one of the most successful medical weight loss clinics in the entire country employing doctors, fitness trainers, nurses, dietitians, and psychologists in the mid-90’s. During this time Ira and his elite medical team successfully treated and empowered over 10,000 patients.  Over the years Ira has acted as a trusted advisor to executives in the board room as well as two 18 year old entrepreneurs who had $20, a dream, and a business plan on the back of a napkin. Ira has proven to be a nationally recognized as an innovative marketing strategist, pioneering numerous complicated creative break-through market solutions.

Ira has been an avid running enthusiast his entire life. He has run numerous marathons around the country. Most recently Ira ran the P.F. Chang with his two daughters. Ira started running at age 15 and has logged over 75,000 miles (once around the earth is 25,000 miles) he is currently working on his 4th lap.  Ira was also was a Champion high school and college and wrestler and also a Olympic team alternate. His passion is create a global initiative for today’s struggling entrepreneur that will educate and motivate millions to their true potential.


About the Video Marketing Expert Series:

The video marketing expert series was formed when we noticed the significant lack of resources for video marketers. Since our passion is to educate and help business monetize their marketing, we wanted to discover the most closely guarded video secrets from top marketers all over the planet.

We hope you enjoy these valuable interviews. As always, we graciously accept any constructive comments, feedback, suggestions. Also, if you ever want to send a basket of chocolate chip cookies, we also accept those   =)


Public Speaking:

Both Cory Michael Sanchez & Ira Rosen are available for public speaking.

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