Thursday, November 26, 2015
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Understand How You Can Market your Dentistry Services in the Most Effective Way! Everyone who has teeth will need a dentist to take care of them. Even those people who have lost their teeth want a dentist. So, there is no reason for a dentist to worry about bad economic times. Make Customers Happy However, eventhough there is an enormous demand, there is equal amount of competition. In order, to stay ahead of the competition you should stand out in the crowd. A highly recommended way to grab the attention is by getting the right dentist video marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the top... (Read More ...)

YouTube Video Optimization No matter what end goal you have in mind, a lot of people want their YouTube Videos viewed as much as possible. Or they want that Viral Video everyone hears about. However, that can be difficult to do, so the more realistic option, would be to get your videos viewed consistently. But how do you create Videos that get a high number of viewers on a consistent basis? The first tip, be consistent with making and posting your videos to YouTube. The more Videos you post, the more content you get out to the viewers. The minimum amount I would post on YouTube is once a week,... (Read More ...)

Discover the Best Networking Tips to Make More Sales! Click here for audio version “The Fortune Is in the Follow-up!” If you have not heard this saying before, it’s time to start reciting it religiously.  Online business has shifted the way people are looking to buy and sell products and it is important to remember in this digital age that people are desperately seeking relationships. If you want to make more sales you need to continue building relationships and make sure you are always Networking! In fact, you can imagine doing business like dating. If you go out with a date... (Read More ...)

How Can I use Keyword Research to Increase SEO? Click Here For Audio Keyword Research can be a huge challenge when you are trying to increase your SEO Value. No matter if you are trying to find Keywords to use for Blogging, Video Blogging, or even your PPC campaign; Keyword Research can be tricky. How do you know what Keywords to choose for your Marketing Campaigns? With so many Internet Marketers, how can you outrank your competition with your Keywords? We went to one of our Experts, Gina Gaudio-Graves to give some Keyword Research Tips on how to improve your SEO. Google has their own Keyword... (Read More ...)

Are you a great CPA, Accountant, or Tax professional? Do you know you offer great services, but can’t see to reach your target market, and build your client list? How are you different than other CPA’s? Lets be honest, not many people want to read about taxes. So as a Tax Professional how do you get your message across to your target audience? One easy Marketing Solution…Use Video. A CPA that uses a  Video Marketing Strategy, gives them an opportunity to reach a huge target audience, and do it consistently throughout the year.Tax Professionals is a competitive industry, and... (Read More ...)

  Small Business Video Marketing Tips for Networking Click Here for Audio When starting your own business, how do you get your businesses name out there? How do you get your business well-known? Other than mentioning your business to your friends and family, and word of mouth; to grow your business you need to branch out and meet other like-minded people. An easy solution is to attend local events such as, chamber of commerce meetings, Business Alliance meetings, and other local gatherings you may be able to find online. Meeting a large group of people with the same interests, or people... (Read More ...)