Sunday, November 29, 2015
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Video Marketing Tips for CPA Are you a CPA, Accountant, or Tax professional and need help with your Marketing Strategy? Are you having trouble reaching your target market and a difficult time building business relationships? Lets be honest, not many people want to read about taxes. So as a Tax Professional how do you get your message across to your target audience? One easy Marketing Solution…Use Video. Check out all the tips here:    (Read More ...)

Video Marketing Strategies Many local business owners want to find different ways to reach their target audience, especially in a competitive market. Since Internet Marketing has increased the avenues in which businesses can reach their potential clients, putting together an Online Marketing Strategy is a must. Here are some Marketing and Video Marketing Tips on how to optimize your Local SEO. The importance of Local SEO? If your company or business depends on local search to pull in clients and customers it is essential to make sure that you are ranking the highest possible. If you traffic... (Read More ...)