Saturday, November 28, 2015
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Brad Fallon on UQast

Video Marketing Expert Series with Brad Fallon

UQAST – A Revolution in Video Marketing

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Brad Fallon. The coolest guy on the planet.Brad Fallon on UQast

Seriously, that’s his nickname.  Look it up on Google and see for yourself!!

Brad is known by most Internet Marketers as the CEO of StomperNet, a product that has a renowned name for being one of the biggest product launches in the history of Video Marketing. We had the chance to sit down with Brad and learn a little bit more about his awesome new Website (seriously this website is just so revolutionary) UQast.


It’s like looking into the future. Video Marketing is the FUTURE and here is one of the greatest examples of the way Video is going to take over internet. Anyways, check this out- SERIOUSLY listen to the whole thing. Learn how you can monetize your product on Uqast.

Or, just Google – the coolest guy on the planet :).

Check out UQAST:




Video Marketing Expert Series With Brad Fallon:

Cory:  Hello and welcome! Cory Michael Sanchez here on the next edition for the video marketing expert panel. I’m your producer and host, Cory Michael Sanchez, Mojo Video Marketing.

Today, on the line, we have Brad Fallon, who, honestly, is the coolest guy. Literally, if you look him up on Google, and you Google ‘coolest guy’, you will find Brad Fallon at the top of the chart. Simply an SEO amazing bada [ph].

So today, we’re going to talk to him about uQast. Well, let me give you a brief introduction on who Brad is and what he’s accomplished. If you don’t already know who he is, his internet businesses have raked in over a $114 million in five years. He is responsible for some of the largest internet marketing product launches in the entire history of the internet.


In fact, in October 2006, Brad co-founded StomperNet. And what’s cool about StomperNet is that in the first 12 hours, they raked in, what was that, approximately $12 million. In the first 24 hours, they raked in $18 million and collected $2 million in cash. And that is an amazing launch, never before done, I think, at that point in internet marketing. And now StomperNet is the leading internet marketing community! And it’s got numbers of over — in 200 countries. Simply amazing!



Before that, before founding StomperNet, he co-founded Smart Marketing Inc., which is the network of wholesale and retail e-commerce businesses; and in 2004, served as CEO from its start-up — basically started up in this business with a $2,000 investment in In January 2004, Brad’s online business grew from $1.2 million in its first year revenue to $7.8 million in 2005, and then $32 million in 2006.



So this [inaudible – 02:00] absolutely a rainmaker that knows how to get it done on the internet. And he’s launching right now uQast, which is going to be a huge phenomenon in the internet video world. How are doing today, Brad?



Brad:  Hey, Cory! I’m doing great! It’s awesome to be here. Thanks.



Cory:  Yeah, no problem man! Why, I’m excited because today we’re going to talk about an important — this is — basically, what you have here at uQast is going to revolutionize the way people monetize their content. And so that’s why I’m really excited to talk with you here today. And I know you have a lot of great things to get through. So, why don’t we start it off, Brad? I mean, let’s talk a little bit about uQast. I’ll just throw it your way and you can kind of lead us down that money trail.



Brad:  Well, that’s right, Cory. As you’re well aware, people are doing great things with video online today, whether they’re an expert in whatever the topic or niche is and they’ve got content that people will pay for or they’re trying to get their own information out about their business or whatever it is that they’re trying to do to market their business. People are using video to do it as you well know.



And the whole phenomenon of user-generated content is really, really interesting to me. I think that it’s a big deal. And I think it goes without saying that user-generated content is a big deal. As far back as 2007, TIME Magazine made us, you, everyone, the Person of the Year, and they’re talking about bloggers and all of this digital content that’s being created. Some people say — some experts say that the amount of digital information, digital content in the world is actually doubling every 11 hours. And —



Cory:  Mm-hmm. Wow.



Brad:  And it’s just amazing! And the amount of information that’s been created in the last two years is more than has ever been created in the history of earth! And so with all the text messages and all the blog posts, and all the comments on blogs, and all the videos on YouTube, and everything else, there’s just an amazing amount of this digital content. And so it’s what we call user-generated content. And that’s — it’s really big deal.



In a nutshell, uQast is the world’s first significant platform to monetize it. And so, that’s really what it is all about in a nutshell. Just to kind of give you the elevator pitch in a sentence, uQast is an easy to use Web site that enables anyone with digital media content to both build an audience and sell their digital media products with the help of an integrated private affiliate network. And we’ll talk today about affiliate marketing and getting other people to promote your products on or in any Web site in the world. So it’s pretty neat.



I often tell people to think of it as the Amazon or iTunes for all digital media products, anything from $0.5 to $5,000. And there’s a built-in affiliate network that continuously refers new customers for any topic or niche that you’re in. And then one other thing that’s neat about it is that we use Amazon’s S3 service, which people aren’t familiar. A lot of people out there are familiar with video but Amazon has their own cloud based simple storage solutions, which they call S3. And so, you can host on Amazon and of course, you pay for it when you use their hosting service. But, there’s no limit on the storage or the streaming capacity and that’s what we use to actually serve up our videos. And so, up but when people use UQast [ph], it’s free so, —


Speaker 2:  Yes.


Speaker 1:  — there’s no limit on the storage or the streaming capacity of audio visual media and, and then, you could sell your products and you could build an audience. That’s what UQast is all about.


Speaker 2:  Yeah and, what I think is really interesting about it is that, you know, essentially when you break it down, it’s a way for like, let’s just say I’m an expert in my community, whether I’m a realtor or mortgage officer or I’m a musician that’s got products, and my products are songs, right? So, you know, when I have — being an expert is really cool but, unless you know how to get in front of people and get your content, your educational material, your services in front of people, it’s really all for nothing so, what you have here is a way for people to just really dial it in, get their content in front of as many people as possible and actually, monetize it. Because, one of the things that on the web news page, you talk about all the information that’s available and yeah actually, there is a huge amount of information out there. So now, it’s becoming harder and harder to get found and you’re specific niche. And really, it’s even harder to monetize things because, if you want to monetize it, you got to do all these stuffs like you have to get the marketing out there. So whether it’s articles videos on you tube but then, direct them to your blog and then, your blog, you got to get opt-in so, you could get them in your database, direct them to a shopping card. You know, that’s just a mess.


And, you know, if everybody has the piece together everything in order to make that happen. So, I got to go over here to get the shopping cart. I got to go over here to start up the blog. I got to go over here to put my videos on there. It’s very difficult for people that are just starting out that want to monetize their content. They’re experts at that what they do but they’re not exactly the savviest internet marketers because they are just getting started. Now, there is a better way. And that’s what you develop here with uQast. It’s a better way, an easier way for people to monetize their content, to really show the world that they are an expert on what they do. Gather raving fans, and actually, make money from it which is, I think, really exciting.


Brad:  Yeah, we’re really excited but it’s currently You Tube meets Amazon or iTunes meets ClickBank, or Commission Junction or Link Show or a private affiliate network. And so, You Tube is great. You can get exposure but it’s just for videos. uQast is for any kind of digital media content. It could be videos, or audios, or Power Points or e-books or music or movies or software, any kind of digital media products.



And then, like Amazons and iTunes, you can actually sell your content. And then, like I said, there’s a private affiliate network of other affiliates. They can promote all of your products.  So, it’s really just like kind of a bunch of things that we didn’t invent but we’ve combined them all in a very novel way and made some really great innovations in all three of those areas and put them all together in one place so that, if you’ve got valuable content, people could find you and find the best that fast and that’s really kind of our purpose.


The purpose of uQast is to connect people who want the best up online with the people who create it. And the way it works now is if you go to Google or other search engines and you type in a topic, it’s usually not always the people with the best expertise or the best content that come up with the top but the people that are best marketers. They know how to do SEO or the people that spend the most money on AdWords or have the biggest advertising budgets. So that’s what we think is wrong with search engines.



But we think that search results, if you’re going to go and search for information on whatever, topic it is, if you’re the consumer, we think that the search result should be ordered by the quality of the content itself, not the quality of the marketing or the size of the advertising budget. And, of course, on hind sights, sometimes the best ideas seem obvious and that’s what we’ve done. And we have an actual path and pending on our algorithm called “Review Rank” that rank orders, all of  these user-generated contents, so that when people go to or into a search, they’ll find the best content, the best free visual media content in any topic right there ordered by the quality of the content itself.


And then, where Google and Yahoo and Bing or MSN would have the ads over on the right hand side of the search results, that’s where we would put the products for sale. But, you actually aren’t now able to get attention and get exposure and build an audience by the quality of the free content or the free videos or the stuff that you’re — just by giving people your best content and getting attention based on the quality of your content, not necessarily quality of your marketing.


So, for people with the real expertise that aren’t necessarily the best marketers, I think, that will really resonate. And I know well for the consumers, because in one search, they could — people love top ten, top ten list. Now, they can go on any topic that they want, go to, run a search and there’ll be the top ten free digital media content in any format whether it’s videos, audios, presentations, webinars, software  or whatever it is, there’s the best free digital media content in the world by that topic, ordered by quality.



Cory:  That’s perfect.  And  real quick, I know there are multiple sides of it like me as an expert, it’s a better way for me to get more views and more traffic, and also me as somebody who’s got traffic  and is looking for opportunity  in which to monetize it with. I can use your platform in order to help me monetize my blog or my review sites or my Facebook page which may have tons of followers. So what’s really cool about uQast is I know you can do all kinds of things so I thought I ask you, just from the perspective. Let’s just say I’m an expert in yo-yos and I have all these fancy tricks and I teach people how to do yo-yoing all the time. What is your recommendation for what — how people would use uQast in order to monetize that expertise that they have?


Brad:  Right, exactly. It’s really good to kind of helping people understand the whole concept because the experts could put their content and they’re all day long, but if nobody goes there to look for it. It’s not going to do much good. So we’d like to kind of tell authors what’s going on with the overall picture. We call them authors but they could be musicians, trainers, speakers, book authors, or any kind of expert that has valuable digital content. We call them, just, collectively authors or content creators and then.


The affiliates are really the people that are in the business of connecting people and products. That’s what affiliates do. They promote different products, and maybe they are an expert or maybe they are not. But usually, what they do is they know how to drive traffic and built list, do list building, get into different niches and promote different products, and like a copy and put up sales pages and put up all kinds of videos and web pages and things like that. And then, they can promote the products of other people. That’s what affiliate marketers do. That’s why we really think it’s hugely important is to have a private affiliate in our work where affiliates can come to uQast and promote all of the products on


So for the authors or for the people like you’re asking about, their work’s speaking too now that have valuable content.  We just want them to understand, what’s in it for these other group of people so that they’ll understand why it is that consumers would want to go there. So if they can get their content in there early and be at the top of the list, they can get a lot more exposures. So these are really the three types of people that uQast serves all at once.


The customers and people who are actually looking for valuable digital content, those are the ones that really will drive everything, in the long run. But then, of course we’re speaking to experts and people that have valuable content on how to get exposure, how to do better marketing automatically without effort, and how to have people find you based on the quality, good information and the quality of your content, and then, understand how the affiliates are going to promote things for his wealth. That’s how it works. And so to —


Cory:  Yeah, perfect. Let – [pause] real quick. I just want to add. I know you got some stuff, really cool stuff you want to show people let’s just say that, Brad Fallon, you were starting from scratch, right? And you hadn’t made your first dime yet on the internet, and let’s just say you are an expert in yo-yos.  How would you use uQast? What will be the first step? Obviously a great content, but give me like a guideline of what you would do if you were that person wanting o use uQast to monetize your information.


Brad:  Right. So the first thing you want to do is you want to get your content on This is actually what it looks like. And — actually go over to the actual dev. site. So we’ve got some fake data in here, just to show you what it would look like because of course, we haven’t actually launched yet. This is what the URL for their dev. site is. And then, let’s say you want to find information about search engine optimization or SEO.


And so, the first thing you want to do is you want to get your content in here on But really, it’s not just about having it on; we have a video player and let me go to one of the product pages. So let’s say this was a product page and you have a product description over here and the price, and the information about the author over here that would link to your digital media store, your author page. And then, here is the video player and then you can put all the content that you want about your product under it.


I will show you a couple of things, but these videos can be embedded on other Web sites. To check this out, there’s actually on this video player, if you think about You Tube videos being distributed all over the internet, that’s one thing you want to do. You want to put your videos on you tube but then, people can embed your videos and put them all over and affiliates, in this case, can actually promote your videos with your videos. Instead of embedding a You Tube video, they can embed a uQast video. And the difference is the uQast video player has an “add to cart” button right on the video player. And what that means, of course, is if it somebody is logged in and they come across your content on any Web site or your Web site. They could watch the video kind of like You Tube, except when the video is over, there’s an “add to cart” button. If they’re logged in, they could just click on the “add to cart” button or a “check out” page, which is basically, a one-click check out. Essentially, you can put your content all over the internet as much as you want. People can watch it for free. And it doesn’t cost you anything and there’s no streaming cost or storage cost. And then, when people watch your content, they can click your “add to cart” button, and a it’s two-click check out from any Web site in the world.


Cory:  Okay. So, just to, kind of, go through it. So, first step, obviously, sign up for an account with uQast. The second step is to create your content and upload that content. And you know — the  third step, I think, is really all about — kind of — I  believe you have some crazy, cool features that allow you to SEO or optimize your content so you get higher views. And so would that be the third step, you would say?



Brad:  Well, truly, that’s SEO because in our search results, the review rank algorithm here actually ranks all of the content according to its quality based on weighted user reviews. So instead of just having four or five stars, which is one way of rating, people click four or five stars like other video sites. But on ours, people actually write reviews.



And so as they write a review, and they rate the content, they rate the delivery, then the reviews go over here on the right, and then that all goes together to build the review rank algorithm. And so we actually rank order all of the content that comes up in the search results on uQast back to you so goes by up the same. So we rate the review on how helpful the review was. And then, kind of like on Amazon, people rate reviews. And what Amazon does is, the reviews that rate is more helpful, they kind of peg those on the first page so people see them more.



And what we do is we actually count the votes more of the people that write highly rated reviews. And it goes by topic. So if you consistently write reviews that are highly rated per particular topic, then the next time you review content on the same topic, your vote would count more.



Cory:  Oh! That’s — that’s awesome because you go on YouTube and there’s always, like, comments and ratings that people give. And sometime, what happens is what we call trolling, right? You have all these trolls. And then trolls are just people that — they might have fake YouTube accounts where they just go trolling.



But essentially, they’re just putting negative stuff and negative comments on your board. And they’re not really providing solid feedback. They’re just like, “Oh, this video sucks!” Or [laughs] something like that. And that’s not really valuable input. So I think it really helps if people really, kind of, enjoy your reviews; that you do a great job reviewing the product or the information that’s presented. And it makes kind of more of that social element rather than that anti-social element that you can see on YouTube oftentimes that’s called trolling. That’s perfect!



So, let me ask you this then. Okay, so I put my content up there. I’m looking for better reviews. What are, kind of like — what would you say are the next three tips on what I should do? Let’s just say I put my video on my YouTube expert — or my Video Expert Series on yo-yoing and I really want to get some, like, amazing ratings and views. How do I go about doing that? What do you recommend for that?



Brad:  Well, step one is, sort of, have good content. But assuming that you have good content, then the question is, “How do I get it out there?” or “How do I expose it?” Well, people are incentivized by all the affiliates and all the other members of uQast that want to make money with internet marketing, and doing affiliate marketing is incentivized to promote your stuff.


And so here’s one way that they can do that. For example, on the video player itself, there’s a tip jar. And you can click the tip jar, and on any of your videos embedded anywhere on the internet, people can click it; and then clear it or start over. And then you click — give tip and you can send money right through the video player.



Cory:  Nice.



Brad:  And so what happens is that people could take in – of course, I’m logged in as myself and I use my product here in the sample but — can’t tip yourself — but people can send money right through the video player on a video that’s embedded on any Web site. So other people in your niche — you can contact other bloggers, you can contact other affiliates that are already in there. And when they embed your videos on their Web site, then they get half the tips that are generated. And you get half the tips.



Cory:  Gotcha! Okay. I totally get it now. Perfect! So —



Brad:  Now here’s another thing, too. So, I showed you add-to-cart button and the tip jar, those are two really huge innovations for embedded videos. Of course the other thing that’s neat, too, is if you use YouTube, and you embed those videos, well it’s free. But at the end of the video, they usually do show the competitors’ videos, right, because they’re going to show their so-called related videos. On uQast, you can —



Cory:  Yeah.



Brad:  — you can upload whatever thumbnail or whatever image you want for the beginning of the video and whatever you want to appear at the end of the video. So, we’re not going to show competitors’ videos. And then here on the product page on, where Amazon which show all the competitive products, once people finally make it to your page, then you can write whatever content you want under the video. And then we’re not going to show the competitors’ products all up and down the page. At once they make it to your page, at



But then the other thing we do is we give everyone their own free digital media store. And I’ll show you what one of those looks like. So, basically, what you can do is you can have your own store, digital media store, on And you can create as many pages as you want; and you can put up your picture, and your bio, and title your store. And then you can upload any content that you want onto any of your pages. And the content is any of your free content, any of your paid content, or, actually, anybody else’s content — their free or paid content that you’ve added to your favorites that’s in your bucket. You can just drag and drop it onto your pages and then you can drag and drop your order. And you can get the store for free. And so that’s great.



And so people can do this and they could promote your content on or they can embed your videos on their blog or their Web site. And then check this out. At the top of every one of your store pages, there’s this opt-in box that’s “Join our mailing lists”. And people can enter their first name, their email, and those emails go on to your list, not ours. So they automatically post you’re AWeber or iContact with one shopping cart. And you can actually use your store on in order to build your email list. And not only that, but you can also put in your URL for your Facebook page or your fan page or you LinkedIn, or your Twitter profile. And so here on one page at, forward slash — whatever name you get, like forward slash golf, or forward slash fitness, or forward slash tennis lessons or forward slash golf training, or whatever it is, forward slash marketing or SEO, you can get more Facebook fans, more LinkedIn connections, more Twitter followers and more opt-ins, all in one place.



Cory:  That’s awesome! And this is — it’s pretty much a marketer’s dream because everybody — it’s all really about data capture because the more — the bigger the database you build, the more you can monetize and link. And having an email database is huge! Especially like this. I mean, I’m sure everybody was wishing YouTube did something like this where you can automatically — subscribing is one thing, but building an email database off your videos and contents is another thing. So this just makes it way easier. It cuts out the middle man, essentially. And you can do it right there.


UQast – Growing Growing Growing Gone…


Another thing is, just like with your Facebook buttons and your LinkedIn buttons, I mean those in itself are databases of some sort. So it’s helpful to have those handy right then and there because that way you can just drive people over and over to the site so they can get more content, become raving fans.



What I was interested in is a – a cool thing would be is that — you talk about not having competitors’ video show—and perhaps, I wanted to ask you, is when you become a user, you also — is that the same account you become an affiliate with? Or are those different accounts?



Brad:  No, no. It’s exactly the same. And so that’s a good example. So what happens is the content providers set their own affiliate commissions



And by the way, we don’t charge anything. If you sell your own products through the shopping cart or on itself, we don’t charge anything. So the only thing you pay is the 3%, 3.5%, 4%, or whatever the merchant processing fees, the credit card processing fees that you’d pay anyway. We don’t charge anything. So if you sell the product yourself, you pay us nothing. You just can use our advanced e-commerce engine and a lot of the tools like the one-click upsells and the things we have talked about. You can just use those for free. And if you sell it, it doesn’t cost you anything other than 3.5% or whatever the merchant credit card processing fees that you’d pay anyway, even with your own Web site.



Cory:  Yeah.



Brad:  And if you hook up the whole shopping cart yourself. And so it’s free. But if an affiliate sells the product for you, there’s this private affiliate network of people that want to make money promoting other people’s quality products. And so, the affiliates get paid an affiliate commission that you set yourself anywhere from 25% to75%. Obviously, the higher you set the affiliate commission, the more likely there’s the more affiliates are going to want to specifically promote your stuff. And so you have an option to get fund in sales and get more customers by having affiliates. And you can pay them as much as 75%.



But if you’re an affiliate, you get between 25% and 75% of every sale for the customers that you refer. And so if you sell the products yourself, either on your site with our e-commerce engine or on and you send the traffic, say, to your product page, or to your store, that has your product. If you send the customer, you get all of the money except just the merchant processing fees. And then, for an affiliate that sells it for you, you set the affiliate commission that you want to pay the affiliate. And, here’s the great thing. There are other sites that do affiliate marketing. For example, Amazon has an affiliate program but, they only pay 4%. Information products like ClickBank, is a good example of a private affiliate network. So, people could have e-books, for example, put them on ClickBank, and ClickBank affiliates go there and look for products to promote and they make any work from in 25% to 75% or whatever the affiliate commission is, and then, they get the affiliate commission.


But, on uQast, the way we’re doing it is completely different. Because on uQast, if you promote someone’s product then, you get the affiliate commission of 25% to 75% but, uQast also pays you for any other products that your customers buy from anybody else, any other products from anybody else in the entire site for a whole year. And so, —


Cory:   Nine, nine.


Brad:   — that’s a 9-day difference. Nobody else has ever done anything like that and, I’m not just talking about other back in sales from that same author. I mean like, if you describe a customer and, anything that customer buys from any seller, from any content creator, from any author, you get paid for a whole year on anything else they buy. And actually, you get 5% on the second year too. So, if they refer other — those people who refer customers, they actually get 5% for a whole year on anything they buy so, it’s really quite an amazing thing for the affiliates.


If you’re a content seller, it’s really great, too, because if you say, for example, you have a valuable content, let’s say you sell an e-book and, if somebody gives you a $50 for your e-book or whatever, that’s great!


But, on uQast, you get not only all of the money if you send the customer yourself, like I said, you only pay the 3 or 4% merchant processing fees, you get all the actual money that’s net of that, but you’ll also get paid for a whole year on anything else your customers buy from anybody else on the whole site because, you’re automatically an affiliate as well. And, if you drive a customer and they are that buy your product, you get all of that money plus you get between 25% and 75% of anything else they buy from anybody else in the whole site.


Cory:  That’s perfect, man! So can you get me to the anatomy of a good monetization strategy on uQast? Because there are quite a few ways you can do it? I mean, you could have video that you give away for free to build the data base and then, you know just, send them to your offer page or offer video, you could just have paid for products and just promotion videos on paying for them. I know you have one-click upsells. How would you define a great strategy as the content provider, that kind of weighs out how would you, really kind of, monetize your content the most, whether, it’s free videos, post opt-ins or an offer video that goes right to one-click upsell? So how would you define like a good way to market it as a newbie that using your sites to monetize your products?


Brad:   Right. So, I kind of look at it in two ways. One, is all the stuffs you can just very easily do on So, for example, let me kind of log into it and show you, when you first log in to uQast, this is what it looks like. And so, you have your account with kind of a summary and then, your media, everything that you purchased, anything you’ve added to your favourites, all your free digital media and any of your paid products are here. And then, here is where you set up your store and then, here is where you set up your affiliate links and things like that.


But, let me kind of show you here on their products. We’ve got just some sample pages in here and in fact, I think that one that we are on is here. Let me kind of show you how you, the product a little will work out just click on edit for this one, it’s already in here. And so, when you upload the product for the first time or free content, I know what the difference is, that the free content doesn’t have a price it’s just, you know, it’s free content.


But, if it’s a product, you just put in the title of the product and then, you can actually create a custom UR. So it basically be this name or whatever the product title is and then, you can create your own URL for it, so you can have SEO-friendly URLs. And if you have, you know, if you have a SEC cap [ph], no, not SEC cap, but, like a skew number or some sort of a product ID, whatever you would want to. But, the only required field is just the title. And then, you just put in the price of the product and how much you want to pay for the affiliate commission between 25% and 75% and then, you just give it a product description, and then, it shows you exactly how many characters you can have.


And then, you can have tags. So, you want to tag your stuffs with key words or something like. And then, you set enter average 1 and you don’t have to separate by commas or put in quotes. You can have two-word key words or three-words. You just put them in like that. You come up to five primary tags and then, unlimited second area tags. The more tags more tags you put in, the more likely it is to be found and then, you just upload your video. Now, if you already have your video on line, like on S3 or some file server somewhere, you can grab it from the URL or you can just upload it. In this case, you’ve already uploaded the video and then you can upload like I said, your own thumbnail or your own image that will show at the beginning of the video and at the end of the video. It is your choice.


And then, if you are actually selling the product that is digital products that can be delivered digitally, you can actually upload your product as well and then we’ll deliver your product for free also. It goes into people’s purchase product section when they log in to their uQast account; and then, the product details where you can edit your sales letter that goes under your product; and then delivery details. You can have a message that gets send out in the email. When somebody buys something and this would show up in their purchased product section. So that is basically how it works and that’s how it is. You just give it a title and give it a description and upload the video and that’s how you get a product on


Now once that product is on, you can either –you can have it show on or not. You might just a product in there that can only be shown on your own Web site and that’s okay too. We will host the videos for free but once you’ve actually got the product in there then it would display on and then you have a lot more options because for example the video player, you can have different colors of skins, a blue or kind of like the white one. That’s the one that we use on And the player controls can either be below the video all the time or that can only show when you mouse over it or they cannot not show at all. Some people do not want have any player controls.


So, those are all options. Then you see the player controls here and you can turn like here is the volume button and you can turn that off. So if you don’t want to have a volume control, you don’t have to. So any of the player controls is completely customizable and not only can you turn them on or off but you can actually drag and drop the order off them. So now the volume controls over there next to the price button, and if you want to put the tip jar over there on the far left, you can just drag and drop the order of all the player controls.


Cory:  Sounds great.


Brad:  Yeah, isn’t that great? So there are some other options too. Let’s say that you don’t want to have any player control because you just — a lot of marketers do that these days they don’t want people skipping ahead. They just want to make the sales presentation. Or on arch, what you can do is you can have just the play button and turn off everything else if you want to and then we actually make a skip backwards button which you can have display or not. And then what you can do is you can set the skip back or the time, let us say, of a 30-minute video that you don’t want people to skip and head on so you can turn off all the player controls but you can actually give them the skip backwards button so if they miss something they can just go back light 30 seconds. They don’t have to start the whole video over.


Cory:  Gotcha. Okay, that’s perfect.


Brad:  And the default is that the video would not auto play, they have to click play but if you want to make it auto play as soon as they load the page you can do that. And then the default is to allow embedding on all domains. So when you put the video on, then, anybody can grab that video and put that on their own site and help you know spread the word and promote products that way but you can actually turn that off and you can not allow on embedding on all domains and then you can put in say, your own domain here and then what you can do is you can just use us as a free video host and you can actually display those videos behind and opt-in like a membership site and the video will not display in all the search results on So it’s pretty neat.


Cory:  That’s awesome, oh very cool, so I think there’s like all kinds of cool things that you can do with this. I think’s just a matter of getting great content on there. So in the early stages, I think probably what will happen is that most of the great content that’s actually got a great affiliate program, would you say those are probably the videos that will get kind of promoted more just when you thrown into the whole affiliate element and you really have a great, big “carried on a stick” for affiliates, and you have a product that you are selling, I think that those videos initially will probably get a lot higher views than the rest of them, don’t you think?


Brad:  Well, for sure. So we are actually kind of doing the uQast launching in three ways. So the first promotion is really just to internet marketers and affiliate marketers who would like to promote other people’s products and not have to worry about product creation or customer service, or fulfilment or any others. They just want to drive traffic and get paid and they really just want to use uQast for all these tools. They do not really care if they can go to uQast and find great contents. They just want to be able to use all these tools.


I will give you example of that. Right here we talked about some of them, check this out Cory. And then the second way, once we have lots and lots of affiliates, there is you know, in the very beginning of course there is zero content but then the content will grow up quickly but the people that put your content in there the soonest, there is going to be thousand of affiliates looking for products to promote and not very remaining products to promote at the beginning. So if you get your product in there early; and you have products that will sell; and you have big content and you have a good digital media products, then there’ll be lots of affiliates looking for something to sell. So if you get yourself in early that is really ideal.


And then once we have lots of products that are in there then we’ll worry about marketing to kind of the rest of the world and try to get the word out about it by uQast and people can go there find out it was a great content. But in the beginning, we’re just going to get lots and lots of affiliates because they are internet marketers and they want all these tools.
Check this out. You talked about list building and most people don’t know anything about internet marketing. Now that they want to build their email list that they want to build a list of subscribers of people that are interested in their nature, their topic, or their area of expertise. And so, how do you do that? Well, you put up an opt-in box on your blog or your Web site and then offer a free report or something of value for people to give you their email address because it does get more and more challenging to get people to give you their emails.


If you want to give away something valuable, but whatever it is, you want to build your list. Well, check this out. On the video player itself, which you can embed on your Web site, just like it’s as easy as a You Tube video or any other video site or other can people embed your videos but check this out. All you have to do is create a pop up and you set your own time. So like you can say like a 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the video, you can have the video stop or not, your choice, you can either have it paused or not and then say you pause the video and you can pop up a message or check this out, Cory. You can pop up an actual opt-in box and collect people’s first name and email address right inside the video player embedded on any Web site in the world.


Cory:  [Laughing] That’s so awesome.


Brad: Yeah.


Cory:  That’s cool. That’s simply a ninja tactic because yeah, at the end of the day what really matters is the tag to your database. Now, if you have your videos being embedded all over the world, you can have a place where you can actually harvest the viewers on it. Otherwise, the people just kind of go on to the next video like on You Tube, they just go on to the next video, and the next video of all your competition.


But if you — kind of interesting if you do this where let us just say somebody finished watching your video and let us just say you’re an affiliate. So you create a video that people are watching. At the end, you can actually direct them to you know instead of just giving a JPEG and stuff like that, you can direct them to another video who’s maybe not a competitor but somebody who can actually monetize the traffic you are getting for your videos. And so, at the end, you can have a competitor but you have an affiliate code that you can leave, basically help you get monetized — monetize those efforts.


Brad:  Yeah.


Cory:  So that might be a bit cool which I am sure you’re probably already working on.


Brad:  Yup, and I’ll just tell you this one thing about — I don’t know how many that people that’s seen — know about one-click upsells but in the internet marketing world one-click upsells are really big deal because if you sell, let’s say you sell an eBook for $50 or something. If you, at the time the people have already made the decision to buy your eBook and put in their credit card and successfully entered it, that’s really the moment in time when they feel the best about that purchase.


Cognitive dissonance kind of kicks in and they want to look for things that are congruent. They want to feel like the sooner they go and buy that, they looked for your sales letter, they saw you have a 30 day money back guarantee and them made a decision to buy and they put our their credit card, they entered the numbers and now they bought. And so, they fully will get it about that right then.


Well, right there and then, in that moment in time, if you give them a great offer just you know very related to what they just bought they probably have the price of anywhere between 25% and 50% of the price of the product that they just bought then you should have anywhere from 20% to 30% or sometimes even 40% of the people that just bought your product will now buy another product but you have to make it really easy that is why they call a one-click upsell. What you need is the button that says “Yes, add to my order”, because if they’ve already entered their credit card and if they feel great about the purchase and if you make a more fantastic offer that’s just directly related, “Hey, as a special thank you because you just bought this, if you right now click this button and add to your order I will also include this, it will drastically reduce price”, or whatever. Make them a great offer. That’s a very significant amount of money in the internet marketing world because you can get something that’s worth 25% to 50% as much as what they just bought and get 20%, 30%, 40% of the people that of all the people who buy the product can give you another 25% to 50% and that’s a lot. So the idea —


Cory:  Yeah, that’s perfect. And what’s interesting is that yeah, it’s so easy to use. I mean, it’s no different than McDonalds’ just upselling you to you know, “Would you like to super size that?


Brad:  That is exactly right. It will cost a little bit more to get twice as much or whatever but it’s a related product that is really great deal and you give it to them right then when they’ve already made the – they’ve already entered their credit card. The problem is that the software enabled to do that is very difficult. There are different software programs people try to configure to do it. It requires programming. It’s very difficult. It’s just been very expensive and very hard to do.



And we’ve made it very, very easy. So back here on — let’s say this is your product right here. It’s a Tata Test paid product – so, anyway that’s the title of the product right there. We’re on this product enter your page. Well, I showed you how you could change the different options, from embedding a video player onto other Web sites. Well now you just click on ‘upsells’ and here’s how easy we’ve made it to do one-click upsells. We actually call this a visual editor.



And so here are all of the upsells and downsells in your chain. So here’s the product that people just bought, and then here’s the first upsell. So after they buy this product, instead of taking them to the final ‘Thank You’ page, we take them to this page where this product is. And that’s an upsell. And then if they say no to that product, you can take them to a downsell. And say, “Well, if you don’t like that, how about this?” Or if they click “Yes, add to my order”, then you can actually take them to a second upsell. And you can have as many as three upsells or two downsells, depending on what people say.



You could see the whole chain right here. Look at how easy it is. All you have to do is just go down here and select a product that you’ve already put into the system in the pull-down menu. And then we’ll pull that product in and put the thumbnail right there. And then all you do is you put in the URL where that offer is going to be — and maybe it’s or something and you save it. And that’s it. And then all you do is click the ‘Get Code’ button. It pops this up. And you choose a button for ‘Yes. Please add to cart’ or ‘Yes, add to cart.’ or ’No, thanks’ and that will add your order in one-click. And then you just copy the code, put it on your site. That’s all you have to do.



Then when you come back here, all of the upsells and downsells in your chain will display the number of visits that you got to that offer, the number of sales you got, the conversion percentage and the total dollars for all of the upsells and downsells in your chain.



Cory: [Laughs] that’s awesome! I mean, essentially, what you got is a marketing system in a box. Literally, some people can only use uQast in order to monetize their efforts and really see huge success in it.



What’s interesting is that, guaranteed, there’s going to be people that are going to make thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars or more just selling products through uQast. And simply, it basically kind of dumbs it down and makes it very simple for the average person that wants to do all this awesome marketing but doesn’t have the tools, doesn’t have the knowledge, the programming skills to do it.



So really, this opens up all kinds of marketing to every man. Everybody can do this. If you have good content, you can just upload it. Now you have an easy-to-use marketing system in a box that would, otherwise, take you months and months to tool around with, or thousands of dollars just to get somebody develop it. So this is — I think this is definitely groundbreaking. And this is really game-changing for a lot of people because it really opens up some marketing channels to the masses, wouldn’t you say?



Brad:  Yeah, for sure! And think about how many people made a living just on e-bay; or just marketing information about how to make money with e-bay. Or there’s tons of people today that make a living just marketing products on ClickBank where the author’s doing a product launch on ClickBank or affiliates promoting products on ClickBank. And so they’ll be able to make a lot more by promoting the same product on uQast instead of ClickBank because they’ll not only get paid for whatever they were going to make anyway while promoting that product. But again, they also get paid for a whole year on anything else their customers buy, from anybody on the whole site.



And just to give you an idea on how easy it is, I showed you before how you get your own digital media store and you can capture emails and Facebook fans and Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections all in one place. And then on your store, you can create as many pages as you want. And here’s how easy it is. You just type in the name of a page and click ‘Create Page’. And then once you have the page created, you can drag and drop the order to the pages. And then once you have the pages created — they’re right here — and then any of you paid content, any of your free content or anybody else’s content that you’ve added to your favorites, then all you have to do is just drag it over onto that page, and you can drag and drop the order. And it’s that easy.



Cory:  Nice. That’s awesome. [Laughs] Well, it’s just simply a huge, major, ninja tool for both content providers — I mean, people that are experts out there. The authors that you’re talking about, that’s huge for them. It’s huge for affiliates because it’s all kinds of ways you can make money. Just talk of content and sharing and spreading the word on amazing information that’s out there. And you know the best part about it? And really, I think, this is hugely important, that it’s easy to use.



And that’s huge these days because there’s a lot of software out there that I would like to use but it’s — sometimes it’s just more of a headache than it’s even worth. And so it’s nice to have something that’s extremely easy to use, that’s drop and drag, that you can get up and running in a matter of moments. And really kind of — literally, you can get started with this. Make money on your first day if you know how to do that. So I think that’s all part of the cool package that you put together at uQast. So —



Brad:  Well, what we’re going to be doing for the — I should tell people that since uQast isn’t, as we’re speaking, uQast isn’t open to the public. But when we first opened it, we were just simply looking for a few numbers of what we call founding affiliates. And these people that will have — well they have some really special things as far as uQast goes. And we’re doing some special things for them. But we’re calling them founding affiliates. And they’re going to be the ones that, initially, help us get the word out about uQast. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to give them first crack at reserving their own store names.



So, if you want to get, for example, or or or health or fitness, just — whatever your niche is, they’re going to be able to get the first chance to hold their own store name at whatever word they want. And so we’re doing a promotion for the founding affiliates.



Now, once we have a few of those, then we’ll go out and do the launch of uQast. So that’s kind of what we’re looking for now — is a few people to really kind of help us get the word out and be founding affiliates and tie up their store name with lifetime access to our digital media content — newsletter that we’re doing every month called the ‘Digital Marketing Insider’; and the actual pro version of uQast, where all of these tools will be available not for the normal $200 a month, but for free. And they’ll have a lifetime pro version of uQast. And those are founding affiliates. And there’s more information about that on our welcome page during the short period of time that our Founding Affiliate Program will be open. So I wanted to tell people about that while it’s still available.



Cory:  Perfect! Now that’s awesome. It’s kind of like a huge opportunity. I mean, it’s — like you were around in the early days and you can grab up some really cool domains that nobody else has. These days, domains are really hard to find. But uQast, I think, it’s going to get tons and tons of traffic. And so — kind of — getting in there in the early stages where you can basically snap up some really solid virtual real estate with your keywords. I mean, that’s huge.



So if you’re listening to this and you have connections — basically you have a database or a following and want to help monetize your list or you social networks, this is a huge way to do that. I highly suggest checking it out, locking down some keywords, definitely signing up, playing around with it, figuring out how you can monetize it. That was one of the purposes of today’s call because there are tons of ways you can monetize uQast. And really, the only limitation is your imagination.



Before we end this webinar here, Brad, what’s — anything else that you like to say?



Brad:  No. I really appreciate it. I think that there’s a lot of things to — check it out. I mean, in a nutshell, if you’ve got valuable digital media content, this is great way to get more exposure, help you build your list with an additional marketing channel; or like you said, it could be a full time — it could be a full time effort for some people. But at the very least, it’s a way to get more followers, get more opt-ins, build your list, build your following, and sell more of your products.



And there’s just a whole bunch of features that we didn’t even talk about, like plain English affiliates links. We don’t use complicated, like, long affiliate codes that are really kind of intimidating and scary when people see them. You can create your own plain English affiliate links. You can verify your site, so like your blog. And once we know that it’s your Web site and you own it, you just upload this one file. We verify it. Now all of the traffic that comes from your blog, you get affiliate credit for and you don’t even need to use an affiliate link at all.



So there’s just some really great innovations in the affiliate marketing space. Go to the Welcome page and check it out. And if it makes sense to you, sign up to be one of our founding affiliates. Help us get the word out. We’ll be doing lots of ongoing training in helping you monetize your content.



Cory:  Well, perfect! Well, thanks Brad! If you’re listening to this call, definitely hook up and go to There’s actually a link on this page. You can check out more details about it. But I suggest you check it out. Brad is really a genius when it comes to internet marketing launches, plus internet marketing in general, which is what everything he’s done, and the millions and hundreds of millions of dollars he’s generated.



So, thanks so much, Brad for getting on the webinar here with me today. I look forward to future sessions with you. I think it’s going to be amazing. Go check out uQast as soon as possible and you will not regret it. So, thanks so much! This has been the latest video in our Video Marketing Expert Series. This is Cory Michael Sanchez with Mojo Video Marketing on the line with Brad Fallon, epic, epic internet marketing genius.



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