Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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Gideon Shalwick on Video Blogging

Video Marketing Expert Series with Gideon Shalwick

Video Blogging

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Video Blogging is one of the hottest and easiest ways to help you grow your database, build relationships, and, convey your message.

The recent explosion of blogging in the last few years has spurred a new wave of Internet Personalities, allowing Personal branding, Corporate branding, and Social Media profiles, all of which utilize the simple and effective way to communicate. Using a blog is an extremely important part of building a Money Making funnel on the internet today.

But, a “text” blog can only go so far.

Gideon Shalwick on Video Blogging

Gideon Shalwick on Video Blogging

If you haven’t already it’s time to take that next step and truly convey your voice and build that long lasting relationship through a video blog. Gideon Shalwick sits down in this webinar to explain the importance of Video Blogging and how you can effectively use it monetize your marketing funnel!

Originally, Gideon started out with Engineering and Master in Engineering Management degrees, but soon realized that the business world was WAY more fun! Then, in late 2006, after a successful career in project management and business development for various hi-tech companies, he decided to quit his job, emigrate to Australia, and start his own business – not having a clue where to start! In two short years, he became an international author with his books on entrepreneurship, lead generation and blogging distributed and read all over the world.

One of his books, The Roadmap To Become A Blogger, has been downloaded over 35,000 times now. Another co-authored book in the magic niche has now been downloaded over 30,000 times. And his latest book, Rapid Video Blogging, has already been downloaded over 17,000 times in only the last few weeks!

One of Gideon’s YouTube channels has now had over 4,000,000 views and he gets around 200 leads per day from my combined lists. Currently Gideon works from home, while focusing on online video marketing and teaching people how to build a ton of leads using simple tools like YouTube and blogs and clever marketing strategies.

To find out more information about Gideon please visit his personal blog at www.GideonShalwick.com

Gideon Shalwick Video Marketing Expert Series

Cory:  Hello and welcome! This is Cory Michael Sanchez with Mojo Video Marketing on the phone today with Gideon Shalwick who is actually a really popular internet marketer video blogger and he’s got some great information online. You can check him out at gideonshalwick.com and actually he’s also got some great stuff on Rapid Video Blogging and I’m going to show a little bit of  more information about that later, but I’ve got to tell you what. Gideon really knows this stuff. How are you doing today, Gideon?

Gideon:  Good, Cory.  Thanks for having me on the call. ‘Looking forward to it.

Cory:  Yeah, perfect! Well, you know, I’m really excited to have you on the phone and on this webinar for the — Basically, the video marketing domination series — and this is the expert panel; and he’s basically, a genius when it comes to video blogging. I mean, he’s got a YouTube channel that’s generated over 4 million views with Jay Jay on Magic and you can definitely see that on the screen right now. And really, he’s had over 150,000 people downloaded information. It’s got several projects going including a very popular blog with Yaro Starak. Really, it’s probably one of the premiere experts on video blogging, and so –

Today, we’re going to talk a little about video blogging, which is going to be really informal, just Q & A style, but you know, Gideon, one thing I want to know is — Real quickly, how did you get started in this whole video blogging? When was the “aha” moment where you just like, “You know what? I should just do this.”

Gideon:  [laughs] Good question, you know, Cory because, I don’t think I ever thought that I’d become a video blogger and as such. You know, from a young age, as a little kid, I remember I wanted to be a TV presenter. For some reason, that was a thing that appealed to me as a kid. And, you know, over the last few years, I’ve done some acting stuff and you know when I was younger, I did some — those plays at school, that sort of stuff. I’ve always had this interest in performing or being on a camera, on a TV screen or something like that, but I never thought of myself as a video blogger. I guess, the main reason for that was, when I was thinking about that, was that online video wasn’t around, video blogging wasn’t around.

So, about four years ago, I and my wife decided to immigrate to Australia. I was working back in New Zealand and had a pretty comfy job paid [ph], but it wasn’t quite cutting the mustard for me. And then, I said, “I wanted to start my own business, but I want to move to Australia and do that.” So, we moved to Australia, and started the business here and I decided to go for internet marketing at this stage. And basically, I lent from someone else, an expert who got my first product up, got some initial sales, and actual business, he has the best thing since last grade, and –

Cory:  [laughs]

Gideon:  — So, I was essentially printing money with my first little launch. Then, my traffic died. I made some really good sales? Could’ve been, you know, it died; it was like a wind from some really good money to pretty much nothing. And you know, when you quit your job and you’re starting a business, you kind of need the money to keep flowing, otherwise you’ll die. [laughs]

Cory:  Yeah.

Gideon:  So, I had to figure out a way to get traffic, and after all, I’m not an expert. I can’t create products about traffic or internet marketing, and that sort of stuff. So, what I did was start interviewing some of the world’s top experts in internet marketing. And I was really lucky. The first person that I interviewed was Mark Joyner, and that was kind of my chance when I went to a seminar, and he was speaking at the event. There was someone else in the event that spoke too and he said “You know, one of the great ways of building a business is to interview people, and blah, blah, blah, and you got to take action”. That was his message, and I said, “Okay”.  I’m going to take action and I’m going to ask Mark Joyner for an interview [laughs], thinking that “He’Il probably say no” or maybe, you know, –

Cory: [laughs]

Gideon:  — “Talk to my assistant and she’ll sort something out”. Anyway, I approached him and I said “Hey, Mark! I want to interview you”. And he said, “Oh, yeah sure. Okay, let’s do it. I’ve got a camera set up in the hotel room; you know, let’s get going and do it now”. And I was going, “Holy crap! I don’t even know what I’m going to ask you”. [laughs]

Cory:  [laughs]

Gideon:  Anyway, so we got in the hotel room. Yeah, and you know, I had to, I had basically the time inside the lift to think about what exactly I wanted to interview him about. But in the long run, it really didn’t matter because I started — He was my first, the first person that I interviewed. And then, I started interviewing a bunch of other people, and the difference was that, I interviewed them all on video. And four years ago, no one was doing stuff on video. No one really into the marketing world was doing stuff on video, everything was audio interviews, and you know, text interviews. So I wanted to be a little bit different. Problem was that, it was a freaking nightmare because trying to figure out how to do an online video when no one else was really doing it. You Tube was like a year old at that stage. It was a nightmare.

So I went through hell and back, basically, to try and figure it all out.  But that was the first real project with video blogging that I did. So, that was about three and a half years ago, four years ago that I started that. That can really go anywhere but that opened up doors for me, and I learned the skill of video blogging that’s enabled me to do what I do today.

Cory:  That’s awesome. Real quick, I’m just so curious about this. What was your first product that you launched on the internet, the one that you were talking about?

Gideon:  It’s a product called – It was a book. I wrote a book, 200 page book; it took me 21 days to write that and it’s called “Millionaire Drop Out Secrets”. I had a website for that but it just redirects to my blog at the moment because I don’t sell it anymore. The reason I don’t sell it anymore is because when I wrote the book, it was kind of trying to teach people how to become millionaires but you know I wasn’t a millionaire at that time so I didn’t feel right selling it. So [laughing] I stopped selling it because I wasn’t quite lied [ph] with it. But you know that was one of my first lessons too. I mean, you can only really teach people stuff that you’ve done yourself, and that you’ve had – that you’ve enough to get results in — for yourself. But you know that was my first product and it was a really good experience to learn how the whole internet marketing thing works.

Cory:  Yeah, you know that’s creative licensing. As marketers, it’s interesting. I was listening to a – Gosh! What’s his name? He’s a big speaker here in the United States and he was like “If you want to write an international best seller, all you got to do is like –“, you know “If you want to write a book, all you got to — A book is really considered anything more than one page, and so it’s like “I want you to write down on the front just the name of your book, and then I want you to write on the second page, the end. And then, I want you to write, you know, actually write the end as else seen [ph]. And right now, you got an international book; and that’s all you need.” And so, it’s a whole — a little bit of creative licensing. But you know, —

Gideon:  Yeah.

Cory:  It’s what you get started on; and so, I think that’s interesting that you were from there and then video interviews which you know we wouldn’t know anything about interviewing at all, basically, what the series is but that’s cool. So tell me a little bit more about your current projects that you have going on because I have been on your website. You got some great information with lots of great content, a lot on video blogging, how to master it. Tell me a little bit more about that project right now.

Gideon:  Okay, I guess it’s a pre-runner to that idea to become a blogger, that project with Yaro Starak. So that was sort of my first real big project and a real successful six figure launch —

Corey:  Sure.

Gideon:  — would be there about — two and half years ago now and learned even more there about the whole online video thing because the whole course was video based and of course video blogging, video plus blogging equals kind of video blogging. So that was kind of what’s a – a really nice lead up to what I started doing next.

And then I did the project with Jay Jay and you’ve seen the results there just got some really, really, awesome results there. We started from nothing. We didn’t know anyone in the market. I didn’t know anything about the magic niche. Jay Jay was, I mean locally known here, in Brisbane Australia. Now, he is an international phenomenon on you tube in the magic niche. And then, I used those two projects and the other little projects started before that. We kind of a pre-run it to my latest project which is a current one, and I’ve just finished counting for my membership site for just a moment; but with just a Rapid Video Blogging project that I had.

So, I launch that about a couple of months ago and now the six figure launch — and this is my most successful launch to date.

And inside, as part of this launch, the whole point of this thing was to teach people what I learned over the last four years of internet marketing but really focusing that knowledge on video blogging, specifically; and using video blogging to help you really dominate, to help you figure out what it is that you want to dominate online, and to use You Tube to really just absolutely dominate. And I’ve been able to do that now with the Magic Channel. It is a bunch of my friends that I’m doing it in different niches. And now, I’m starting to show them in another niche as well, just showing it in the search engines and getting some really good traffic. So definitely, this is my latest project and I had a lot of fun with this, yeah.

Cory:  Yeah, what do you think is — because I know you guys have this huge amount of hits on the channel you’re doing with Jay Jay, what do you think had led to that amount of following that you have there?

Gideon:  Well I think the first thing that you got to think about is, how can you provide value in the world?  It’s quite a general question; and when I say value, its perceived value by other people. So you might have an idea in your head that you think might be quite valuable, but no one else might think that. And so, you’re not really providing value to the world if that’s the case.

So, first of all, you have to think about how you can really provide value to the world. And from that, you need to figure out what it is that people really want. And if you can find a big enough need out there, big enough problem that you can solve, and you can provide value that way by doing something that you’re also interested in, that’s just a really, really magical combination. And then, of course, if you can combine that with how you can make money from it, that’s a really magical combination. I say magical meaning it in a more than one way, but, of course, we did this on the Magic Channel.


And so what we did there — the starting point, when Jay Jay approached and said. “Look,  –” He wanted to get an online strategy going. And I said, “Okay, well, I could advise you but won’t be able to afford me. Why don’t we just do a JV or a collaboration together?” So I would do the marketing, the online marketing.  And he would be the magician. He’d be the star of the show.


And so he says, “Well, what we got to do here is think about what it is that the audience wants, and how can we provide them with value” So when you watch a video, especially the ones in the beginning, we provide heaps of value there where, which is, essentially, people – Jay Jay teaching people on YouTube how to do magic, street magic, particularly. And people just loved it.


And because we gave them what they wanted, it just kind of grew from there.  People started telling their friends. We started getting to be known on YouTube. We started doing collaborations with other big YouTube-ers. And it just kept on growing and growing.


And so, that’s the first thing. If you can provide value, that’s massive. But it has to be value as perceived by other people. That’s the first thing, really.


And the next big thing that, I think, that helped us was to realize that YouTube, in particular, and other social media sites – it’s a social thing. It’s not like television or anything else. It’s a living organism.


Like, I look at television, I see this dead thing just sitting on the TV table. You can’t really interact with it. You just turn it on and you sit on the couch like a couch potato. And it’s not — the information just goes one way. And you turn into a zombie pretty much.


With online video, on YouTube in particular, it’s a two-way conversation. The information flows both ways. So instead of a sit-back type of situation, it’s a lean-forward type of situation, where people interact. And because of that, if you understand what that means, it means that you provide value, yes, but they also have this massive interaction with your audience. And when you combine those two things, and also figure out how to make money from it, then, you really got a good combination.


Cory:  Yeah. Speaking about how you make money from it, what’s — what are, do you think – what have you seen is the best way to monetize what you’re doing as far as video blogging?  Because it’s one thing to make a — kind of do something that you’re passionate about, about blog about it; but another thing to really monetize it and make it work for you as, I guess, not just a passion, but a money-making opportunity so you don’t have to work the job. So what would you recommend, or what does really work for you as far as creating that funnel that actually helps you monetize video blogging?


Gideon:  Okay, I think, before I go into some strategies there, it’s important to realize about the bigger picture. Let me just see if I can draw on some pictures here that has been incredibly helpful for me. Let me just see. Let’s just get rid of this.


So what I just want to quickly draw here is what’s known as the ‘Hedgehog Concept’. Now I talked about this many, many times. It’s not my idea. It’s from Jim Collins. I lent this from a Michael Same [ph], actually. And he’s one of the first people that I interviewed — is that original interview series. But it’s really the combination of three things. So, the f – it’s three circles. Let me draw this for you on the screen. Can you guys see this?


Cory:  Totally, yeah.


Gideon:  Totally, all right. So the first thing is what you’re passionate about. So, cool. A lot of people start up a business based on their passion. They love it. They, maybe, even get a lot of exposure, et cetera. But they don’t make any money from it. And they, very soon, go out of business. So they can’t keep on doing it because there’s no money coming in.


Now the next thing that you need to think about is, if just your passion is not enough, you need to also have a skill in that passion. Or as, Jim Collins calls it, “What can you become – it’s a based at — in the world? What is that thing? So — but it’s really skill-based. And so, it’s no good if you’re just passionate about something if you don’t have any skill in it. If you’re not any good at it, then people just kind of think you’re like a bit of a lunatic if you talk about an area or create videos about an area that you are passionate about but you don’t really have any proof on it. It comes back to that original example I used with my first ever product. I write this really kick-ass book about telling people how to become successful but yet at that time I wouldn’t say I was that successful. So, I had the passion, yes, but I didn’t have the skill; I didn’t have the experience to be able to do that. It doesn’t mean that you can’t build it up over time but that’s part of the picture.


And then the third one which is what most people kind of miss is this third one which is what Jim Collins calls your profit per x and this is really just, you know, how you’re going to make money from it. That’s really what this one is about. Now, —


Corey:  Great.


Gideon:  — the experience was figuring out how to make money from this but the idea here is that where these three things overlap? That is known as your hedgehog concept; and this is incredibly powerful. Hedgehog concept. I’m not sure if you guys used this already or have seen this before [unintelligible].


Cory:  Go for it. I actually watched your video on this but you know this is something that you know I think extremely valuable.

Gideon:  Oh yeah, this is I would scribe [ph] a lot of my success just to this model and a couple of other things but the first thing is to figure out your hedgehog concept; and this is not something that happens overnight. This is a long term thing; and I think what most people do is they look to the shiny objects so they might only look at just the profit potential but they’re not passionate about it. And so, they don’t last very long; or they don’t have any skill on that. So they look like mink in boots [ph]. So you really need to get all the three aligned. You need to, you figure out is that overlap between your passion, your skill, and how you can make money from it. Now once you got that figured out, the idea is that you just focus like a madman. You focus on that hedgehog like there’s nothing else in the world.

And essentially, when you do this overtime, your progress could look something like this. You might – overtime, you think, “Oh, it’s a little bit of growth. It’s not really all that encouraging”, etcetera, etcetera. And then, all of a sudden you get to this what Jim Collins calls the breakthrough point, the breakthrough point. I was going to write BTP, where because you’ve been focusing on your hedgehogs along, all of a sudden things just start falling into place and you start getting this exponential growth. This is the point that you want to work towards, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

When you look at all the most successful people in the world, they all have something going like this. This hardly — I don’t know — In fact, I don’t know if anybody, unless they’ve won lotto, that has the breakthrough point right at the beginning because you need to build up this — you need to clarify what you’re really passionate about, you need to clarify and work on your skill and develop that so you could become one of the best in the world in it. And you also need to figure out, “Okay, what’s the best way to make money from this?” and that takes time.

But once you figure that out, once you build that up, it becomes like a snowball that all of a sudden, when you get to that breakthrough point, you just rocket. You just rocket ahead and that’s what I’ve done. I’ve created a very clear hedgehog for myself to be focusing on it like a madman. And now, I’m on this curve. I’m not sure how far I’m on this curve but I’m definitely on this curve where I hit this breakthrough point, which is just awesome. And now, I can just continue to focus on my hedgehog.

And the other benefit of this that people probably don’t realize is that whenever you get presented with a new opportunity like that, new shiny object, this is just an awesome tool to help you to say either yes or no. You know, I work in normally six month chunks with no projects and whenever someone approaches me with a JV, because I get those – a really, really, good one at least, once a week; really crap ones probably once a day [laughs]; but every time I get one, I can ask myself a question, “Is this aligned with my hedgehog concept? And in most cases, it’s  no. And so, it’s very easy for me to say, “I’m sorry. This doesn’t align with my business objectives. I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”

And so, it’s very easy. I don’t feel guilty or bad because I can justify it. If it is aligned with my hedgehog concept, I can either say, “Yes, I can do this right if I don’t have any other projects   on; or I can say, “Yes, I love it but I can’t do it now. Talk to me again in six months time.”

And so, this is an incredibly powerful tool to help you decide on which thing you should be spending your time on. So I just wanted to just mention this because it sounds incredibly powerful, this concept. And once you’ve got this figured out, then everything else starts falling into place. Now, you’ve asked me about some monetization strategies, right?

Cory: Sure, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.

Gideon:  Okay, so once you have this as your basis, then, you can look at the rest of it because thru this model, you’re going to provide value. That’s for sure.