Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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Real Estate Agents – Discover the Best FREE Tips and Tricks for Realtor Video Marketing

Whether you are a just starting out in real estate or a Top Producing agent looking to for the best marketing strategies available today, this article will give you the best real estate marketing advice that you can use immediately to begin to effectively market your services, increase relationships with prospects, and ultimately convert those prospects into clients.

But, before we do that, let’s quickly review what and why Video Marketing is so important.

Video builds deep emotional trust, takes people out of fear, tells your unique story, educates and motivates, and gets people to take action immediately.

There is no email or newsletter on the planet that will allow your personality to shine through like a video to your prospects and customers.

Think about it…

…In a month how many emails do you receive?

Thousands, right?

Now, how many are Video Emails?

Very few, if any.

Now ask yourself this: would you rather read something for 30-60 seconds or watch a video?? If you’re like most people …you would much rather watch video.

And your clients and customers think the exact same way!

Video Sells Like Crazy!

End of Story.

But the challenge is that most people don’t know what to do, and how to do it.

That’s where MoJo comes in.

My business partner and I have been paid thousands of dollars by clients to hold them by the hand and work with them to increase revenue for their business using automated video email marketing.

We have trained countless entrepreneurs across the globe alongside some of the top Internet marketers on the planet. We are often referred to as the ultimate experts in video email marketing because we have almost 45 years of marketing experience, we know what works, and just as importantly, we’ve learned what doesn’t work.

For instance, let’s take a look at Brian N. who has been in Real Estate for over 20 years!

He came to us looking to find a new way to build long lasting relationships with his customers.  By using our systems, Brian was able to take a DEAD list that he was about to delete and turn it into 7 listings which resulted in almost 2 million dollars in real estate transactions. The month prior, he had spent $4400 in direct mail, and got only one listing. The difference falls into the no brainer zone.

Now, he has a video campaign running for a year and a half, and he’s still getting new deals from that original list!

By using this system, he’s grabbing deals that would have gone to his competition.

In fact, why don’t you let Brian tell it:

The ‘web 2.0′ world that we live in today is all about relationships!  That is the definition of ‘social media’ and ‘social marketing’, isn’t it?  Well, if we live in a world dominated by social media, that means that if you want to get sales in YOUR business, you HAVE to focus on building relationships with your prospects!

So, that should make you ask yourself… How can I build a relationships with my prospects?

By signing up today for FREE you will get the answer to that question along with the very same mindmaps, blueprints, and 5 videos that will help you build a follow up marketing system so powerful you won’t need anything else!

And the best part?

This is simple Street Smarts Marketing that ANYONE can do!

So get started today… for FREE…


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