Nearly every business in the world requires finding leads to generate ongoing business.


This can be accomplished through various types of advertising campaigns, meeting somebody on the Internet business or social settings, and even through cold calling.


This effective step-by-step program shows you six effective secret techniques that help find leads, shows you effective tips to qualify the potential customer, and finally close the deal by selling them the product or service you are offering.


Meeting the Prospect


Whether you are knocking on someone’s door, introducing yourself to someone at a conference, or have found a lead in any number of ways, meeting the prospect face-to-face is a powerful way to generate a lead. After a handshake and an introduction, along with a short sales pitch on what you are offering, you should consider leaving them with more than just your business card and a follow-up appointment.


Recent market research shows that using a video follow-up is the perfect calling card to meet up and discuss your product, service or merchandise in detail.


Sending a Video Follow-Up


As the first secret in this proven formula, video follow-ups can dramatically increase your business and profitability. It is recommended to send a video follow-up after you initially meet your prospect. This technique has been proven to be highly effective at closing the deal, and has been shown to elevate closure rates.


Simply e-mail the potential customer a short video stating who you are, what you sell or offer along with a greeting that you are looking forward to meeting up with them again to discuss your business. This personalized touch has been proven to break down the barrier walls between the customer and salesperson, and start the follow-up appointment on a more friendly “acquaintance” basis.


Optimizing Human Behavior


This effective marketing webinar discusses how to optimize human behavior using their proven techniques. They show that the potential customer viewing your follow-up video positively changes the way they feel inside about you, the appointment and the products or services you sell.


Studies have shown that individuals writing checks for something they want increases the endorphin levels in their brain, and helps them feel good about the purchase they are making. Through this process of increasing their endorphins, you have altered the way they view you and your products, by permanently embedding this good feeling in their brain.


Taking the Next Steps


After you begin sending video follow-ups to a variety of leads, you become aware of the effectiveness of this tool, and how can you increase your profitability. Following the next steps in the system will help you secure a greater portion of these leads and more effectively close the deals. This webinar give you the tools to understand how to qualify leads, and cull away individuals will never make a purchase from you, but simply take up your time.

This webinar shows you the variety of proven steps you can use to effectively increase the typical 12% closure rate from generated leads up to an amazing 50%. This dramatic increase will significantly expand your customer base and your profits.

– Cory Sanchez & Ira Rosen