You can dramatically improve your profit level by sending SMS videos to your qualified leads’ smart phones and tablets.


Using an effective online marketing strategy, it is designed to aggressively go after individuals that have a strong potential of making a purchase from your company.


The Newfangled Plan of Attack


Part of having an aggressive plan of attack is in knowing where the prey is harboring. Long ago, the only way to get an individual’s attention was to send direct advertisement through traditional postal mail. As junk mail acquired a bad reputation, many advertisers turned to e-mail as the ideal way to make direct contact with potential customers.


New information now shows that e-mail is losing its effectiveness as many people have become highly selective at opening only those pieces of e-mail in their inbox they are sure has arrived from individuals and companies they know and trust.


Effective Electronic Device Marketing Strategies


As people around the world become more adapted to social networking, they spent the vast majority of time looking at e-mail, text messages and blog postings. One way to connect directly with your customer base, and other potential customers, is by sending follow-up videos as a way to communicate directly to those you mean to do business with.


As a numbers game to make sales, you need to make contact with as many qualified potential leads as possible, to ensure your successful business will continue to produce profits.


Sending SMS Video Text Messages


The Mojo Matrix System has found that sending video text messages is far superior then e-mailing a video to your potential customer or client. Because of continuous e-mail bombardment (like snail mail junk mail), individuals are overwhelmed and choose not to open up the vast majority of e-mail sent to them every single day. Alternatively, within a 97% open rate, people are more likely to open a video text message and watch it, as compared to a video sent to them in an e-mail.


Aggressive Communication


The Mojo Matrix System teaches you that by using their techniques you can dramatically improve your profit rates. Proven statistics indicate that well over 90% of every transaction will happen between the 5th and 12th time you make direct contact (touch point), in some fashion, with your qualified leads. While it might be impossible to make physical contact with every potential customer up to 12 times each, you can easily send short-length SMS videos to their smart phones and tablets. This will provide you the opportunity to speak directly to them about the products and services you sell, all in 30 seconds or less.


The Follow-Up Can Be Time-Consuming


As a way to work around the time consumption involved in doing your follow-ups, The Mojo Matrix System will teach you effective ways of automating the process that involves simply pushing the button to make it happen. Through an ingenious and effective tool, you can begin an aggressive campaign that requires little work on the backend, after the front end is up and working in place. By following along with the Mojo training, you can easily reach your target audience and make sufficient contact with them to ensure a high rate of sales.


– Cory Sanchez & Ira Rosen