It is challenging for any business owner to create their own name brand recognition.


Without it, they struggle to make sales and profits until the time their customers, clients or constituents become aware of who they are and what they offer.


Whenever trying to make a sale, sales people often forget that their potential customers just might not know who they are dealing with, the quality of the services offered, what the person/company stands for, or what is being sold.

Developing a quality automated follow-up campaign can dramatically improve your closure sales rates and your profitability.


Through this simple technique, you can effectively build a bond with your customer base, while at the same time increase your name brand recognition.


The Value of a Follow-Up Campaign


The Mojo Matrix works well in helping you create a follow-up campaign that looks highly professional, and uses effective tools proven to generate leads and sales. The developers of the Mojo Matrix learned that the key to using follow-up campaigns is the effective use of  multiple e-mail videos sent to your potential customers, clients, constituents and others. The results have been proven to increase sales.


These follow-up videos are sent out periodically (up to as much as a year and a half out) that keeps your prospect (lead) continually updated to any of your new services, products or merchandise that is being offered. In time, these videos help make a strong bonded connection between you and your customers, and can continually improve the interrelationship you have with them in the future.


The Steps

The process with your prospect includes meeting with them, and then sending them a video follow-up. You will next set up a meeting (or a free consultation) followed by another “follow-up”. The Mojo Matrix teaches you how to automate the system and create value touch points. In time, through video communication, you can build an incredibly strong relationship, with impressive name recognition, and find that your customers are eager to do business with you.


Sharing News and Announcements


With the ability to create short videos, you can easily share news and announcements to your customer base through follow-up video e-mails. By automating the system, you can set it and forget it, letting the system do the work for you.

As an example, consider you have a new product in development. Perhaps the service or merchandise you have for sale might not have been what your website visitor (or other prospect) was looking for. You can easily follow-up with your visitor by using a video e-mail to announce you are expanding your product line to include the items they are seeking. This can turn a once hot lead turned cold, back into a hot lead once again.


Timing Is Everything


The key to your profitability of your company is to bring your colder leads back to you quickly. The more time that passes from the initial contact the less likely they will actually turn into profitable customers. The Mojo Matrix system shows that by timing your video e-mails properly, you can fine-tune your automated follow-up campaigns to improve your sales and ultimately your profitability.

– Cory Sanchez & Ira Rosen