The developers of Mojo Video Marketing have developed the Mojo Matrix System that can help you reach larger audiences through live webinars.


By gathering all your motivated potential customers together on the Internet, you can put on live webinars and talk to them collectively.


This effective tool has been proven to increase sales and profitability, by reaching a huge audience and performing your sales pitch to all of them, in just one hour.


Eliminating One-On-One Meetings


The outdated sales model of producing profits for your company, involves salespeople using one-on-one meetings to garner new business. By sitting down, making their presentation and finally their close, this model has worked well for hundreds of years. While this technique is always produce sales in the past, since the invention of the Internet, it is now quite possible to generate huge sales using the powerful technique of live webinars.


Why Sales Numbers Will Escalate


The biggest reason your sales numbers will escalate using live webinars as a platform for your sales pitch is because of the increased number of people in the “room” on your webpage. If you typically make one sale for every 10 sales appointments, in a meeting that takes at least one hour long, you need to invest 10 hours of your time to produce one sale. Alternatively, using webinars you can see 10 people at one time, and make one sale every hour.


Unlimited Qualified Leads


By the very nature that an individual is willing to sit down and connect to the Internet to hear your sales pitch, ensures that your qualified leads in the room are greater than sitting with just one individual. Imagine, if you can that you do not have 10 people at your webinar, but you have 50, or 100, or even 1000, all at one time, all listening and interacting with you. Now your sales have gone from one in 10, to 10 in 100, or even 100 in 1000. Think big, because limiting your sales will only be constrained by the number of individuals sitting in listening to you on your webinar.


Go International


Using a one-on-one sales model will limit you to selling only in your local region or locale. Alternatively, webinars can be international in scope. You can have potential sales leads from any corner of the globe sitting in your “room”, and make sales in a variety of international locations, all in a single webinar. Opening up the market sales leads to the entire world can dramatically increase your business and profitability.


Live or Not Live


At some point, you may choose to no longer hold life seminars, but instead go off-line and make your recorded webinar available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Using this automated system, you can increase your sales without requiring any further input from you.


Using webinars effectively is the ideal way to build rapport and trust with your potential customers. It provides you the opportunity to introduce your content, talk to your clients, and help them resolve the problems they have with the available solutions you are offering. Through this trust, you will build strong customer base, eager and ready to purchase whatever you are developing next.


– Cory Sanchez & Ira Rosen