While it is true everyone wants something for nothing, you do not want to simply give away your valuable time needlessly, to someone that will never buy your product.


The simplest way to avoid this problem is to prequalify the potential customer lead using proven techniques provided in this program.


Improving Your Follow-Up Closure Rate


The biggest hurdle of closing any sale that did not immediately happen at the end of your presentation is the follow-up. Follow up appointments are an effective tool that uses the list of leads of individuals who have seen your presentation, know who you are, and know what you sell but have not yet made the purchase.


Though sales research indicates the average closure rate of a follow-up appointments are less than 15%, you can dramatically increase this rate by offering a free consultation, instead of just another sales presentation, as your follow-up.


A free consultation is a personalized interaction that specifically targets how your product or service will help them solve their problem.


Getting over the Biggest Hurdle


One way to significantly increase your closure rate of a follow-up appointment is to eliminate any potential customer that is not qualified (someone who will never make a purchase based on any number of reasons). You can do this by providing an easy avenue to allow them to pick the time and day of any available timeslot you have, to set their own appointment with you.


By getting your potential customers involved in the process and taking ownership of their desire to go to the next step and make a purchase from you, they will disqualify themselves if they choose to not make an appointment. All those individuals who could not find the motivation to sign up for free consultation just saved you your time and money by not wasting it on a follow-up that was never going to be profitable.


Meeting with Your Qualified Customer


By allowing your qualified customer to set the appointment of their free consultation themselves, they have indicated they will be more eager to listen to what you have to say, and how you can help solve their dilemma. When the meeting actually begins, your starting point that would have just been another sales presentation is actually now a fact-finding mission that analyzes their problem or situation, and how your product or service can rectify it for them.


Statistics indicate that by changing a follow-up sales presentation into a personal consultation, you can increase your closure rate from under 15% up to 50%, or half of all your free consultations appointments.


Building Relationships


No matter what your type of business you are in, what products you sell or services you offer, increasing your profits will only come about by building solid relationships between your company and your customers. This program provides the tools to turn traditional leads into the highly qualified leads through a variety of proven techniques. By using all of their techniques, you can effectively increase your closure rate, and ultimately escalate the profits of your company.


– Cory Sanchez & Ira Rosen