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One of the biggest questions we get at Mojo Video Marketing is “What is the best marketing ideas for Realtors?”


And it’s a GREAT question, because the things that used to work 5 years ago, just are not working anymore.  But, the answer is easy!

In the Real Estate Niche, online video has become the most effective marketing tool available for Real Estate Agents.  For most people in the industry, slideshow gallery images have been the dominate medium to “show” rather than “tell,” but if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a Video is worth a thousand pictures. Now, that’s a number!

So you can imagine how and why a video can be more effective for gaining the attention and interest of Online prospects.

Best Marketing Ideas for Realtors

There is no doubt that Real Estate Videos engage viewers.

However, it cannot be denied that watching the standard virtual tour videos can become just as repetitive as having a slideshow of images. These videos have more or less same format and with little editing they seem like they go on forever…

Due to this, there has been a considerable movement for videos that bring in more of a focus on relationship building, rather than just property promotion.   Therefore, the real estate market has seen the emergence of innovative videos in recent times.  The key is having an online video that both shows the property and utilizes relationship marketing tactics.

But nowadays, with time being the real enemy to businesses, Real Estate Agents need to learn how to create these types of videos on the fly!   They need to be able to make something quick, effective, and be ready to send the same day.   And, that is what Mojo Video Marketing has perfected – a quick and easy video solution that is used to build a stronger relationship with the prospects while giving quality content or information!

With failing marketing efforts, now is the time more than ever to try the newest and best marketing ideas for real estate. Below we have listed some great examples about online real estate videos. Take a look:

CPA Advantage Realty

As one of the stellar success stories of Mojo Video’s Formula, CPA Advantage Realty is a real estate company that used a simple flip camera to shoot a video that provided two key elements.

1)  Gave an Introduction the Company – Who They Are and What They Do

2) Gave Free Content / Tips / Advice for the prospect

The point of relationship building is built within the idea that people ONLY buy from those they feel comfortable with and that most business transactions take place on the 5th to the 12th touch point. That means that if you want to make more real estate sales you need to focus on bridging the gap of touch points through video and ease your prospect into the “buying decision.”

There is no need to force feed a sale, because if you utilize and leverage the power of relationship marketing, prospects will ultimately come to your business when they are ready to buy, IF they feel comfortable and informed enough from your business.

Green Street Realty

Green Street Realty Sales Manager, Brian North, uses this video to follow up with people after an online reach out through a contact form. Here Brian is able to provide an instant relationship builder by using his own Voice, Personality, and Face to bring a content rich message to the prospect. Just like in the video above, this video holds to the two main elements that you need for online video.

You often see people under the impression that  a “Viral” or Popular video means MORE business. While higher views means more people in your funnel, having viewers who are not prospects or are not your target demographic will never give you the same bang for your buck that a personalized targeted video will to hot prospects.

Remember, business is always about the relationship and the best marketing ideas for realtors will always come from the best way to present yourself to your prospects.


Do not be afraid to use new and effective type of marketing ideas.  Mojo Video’s System is designed to be a cheap and easy way to promote and market your business. The point however, is to get in front of prospects and offer to them creative, informative, and relationship building videos to turn prospects into buyers.  But, don’t be fooled! The fact remains that random views don’t convert profitably, you need to find your target market and use real relationship builders to build a database of raving fans and eager buyers.

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