Mobile Phone Marketing and Video

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Co-founder of Mojo Video Marketing, and Marketing Expert Cory Sanchez will explain the importance of Mobile Phone Marketing, but I wanted to give our visitors an opportunity to receive many more Video Marketing Strategies and Tips by checking out our 30-Day Trial of Mojo Video University for ONLY $1.

Mobile Phone Marketing and VideoCory Explains how to use Mobile Phone Marketing and Video 

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Mobile Video Marketing

Out with the old and in with the new. Old, non technology based, marketing tactics  are not successful in this technology based society. Think about it, what can’t you do on a mobile phone these days? There are a ton of downloadable applications for a mobile device. So as a marketer, how do you catch up with technology, and successfully market to individuals that use their mobile devices for things other than making phone calls? Video Marketing Expert, Andrew Profita says, “Mobile Video Marketing is the future.”

One effective Marketing approach would be to use Video in your Mobile Marketing Strategy. If you look at case studies, using Video in your marketing messages will engage and most likely convert more prospects into clients. This can include using Video on your website, in video e-mails, and in any other type of marketing strategies you implement. Since the use of Mobile phones have skyrocketed, the use if mobile e-mail has also drastically increased. So with the high number of people checking their e-mail from their mobile devices, the use of video in e-mail through Mobile devices makes obvious sense.

But, how do you implement a Mobile Video Marketing Strategy? Mobile encoding your videos will allow you to get off the ground with this strategy, or you could get a consultation by a company like Mojo Video Marketing. Essentially, you are reaching a larger audience, getting your videos viewed more, and receiving more of a response, which leads to more sales, because you are using a Mobile Video Marketing Strategy.

Cory explains, people always have three things with them; their wallet, car keys, and their mobile phone. So why wait for someone to check their e-mail from a computer, when you can reach them quicker and more effectively by using a mobile video marketing strategy. If over half of the population views most of their videos from (The worlds largest Video Community) using YouTube from their mobile device, a larger amount of your audience will view video from their e-mail, using their mobile device.

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Mobile Phone Marketing and Video

Mobile Phone Marketing and Video