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Internet Marketing Tips to Increase your SEO Ranking with your Website

When trying to maximize the SEO value of your website, one of the most important things is to get your website off to the right start. This means when creating your website, have your SEO plan in mind already. Here are some basic Internet Marketing Tips on how to get your website started in the right direction, so you can increase and maximize your SEO value right away.

First, make sure you are properly naming and labeling your webpages correctly. For example, you do NOT want your website to have webpages like this. You want your webpages to look something like this. . This is an example, but you will want to include your keywords and key terms in your webpages. Basically make SEO friendly URL’s; this will help with your Onsite Optimization.

Internet Marketing Tips - SEO

On page SEO consists of 25-30% of your SEO value, so make sure you use every Tip to fully optimize your website and label your page titles correctly.

High quality content is also important. This includes using Videos, Blogs, and Articles. High quality content can be effective; however, you want to make sure you are producing high quality content on a consistent basis.

Make sure you are using relevant keywords for your website, and highly optimize your content. There are some different tools out there to help you find long-tail keywords and other keywords to help you think outside the box of your usual key terms you have been coming up with.

Have your website include a Site Map page. This can include Video Site Maps, and an XML Site Map. This can help Search Engines and Spiders find relevant content on your website.

Lastly, use Video. Video Marketing is an increasingly popular and affective way to get in front of your audience, but more importantly Video ranks high on Google. If you can tie video with good consistent content, including articles, blogs and other types of relevant information, it gives you a great opportunity to rank higher on Search Engines.

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